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Hey! We are a bunch of friends and we are all landlocked in Germany. Since we are forced to travel quite frequently to find surf and we love cinematography as well, we founded the brand “FREIZEITKUNST” to publish our travel documentations. Our goal is to highlight the fun as well as the creative side during travels. Therefore, we came up with the name “FREIZEITKUNST”, which is German and means leisure art.

Our last trip went to Morocco since we wanted to escape the mushy beach breaks in France and also the super crowds in Portugal. On top of that, the idea to surf in Africa, a continent where we haven’t been before, sounded tempting. We choose Taghazout as our starting point because we only got positive feedback about this place. Moreover, we wanted to surf the famous spots Anchor Point, Boilers and Draculas.


After renting a car in Marrakech, which was surprisingly expensive, we drove 300km south towards Taghazout. As soon as we arrived we had to admit that this place is pretty crowded as well. After a quick check for accommodations we found a fairly decent one for cheap money.


Our first surf brought us to Anchor Point, which is a perfect right-hander with an easy take-off. The entry is a bit nasty since you have to jump from the rocks but you save a lot of paddling. We really had some outstanding surf at this place even though it was pretty crowed due to the walking distance from Taghazout.


Consequently, we decided to travel a bit further to escape the crowds. Approximately 30 km North is the location of Boilers and Dracluas. We found both spots fairly empty since you need a car to go there. Moreover, it is a bit hard to find since the entry is blocked from a huge construction work. We heard rumours that they are building a water cleaning facility there. That was also the reason why we had to be very quick with the entry since it turned out that the securities don’t like surfers at all. However, being quick at this entry is even more nasty than at Anker Point due to the fact that it is impossible to see the line-up from the entry point. Given a decent overhead swell, strong currents and the terrifying security guy at our back, we had a lovely adrenalin rush. Yet, as soon as we arrived the line-up, we had empty overhead rights with incredible long rides for a whole week. Normally, we left the water when our arms and shoulders refused to take any more waves. It was the perfect surf.




After one week surfing only Boilers, we wanted to try our chances to surf at Draculas even though the magicseeweed description “only for hellriders” gave us some doubts if we really belong to this segment. At the spot we firstly realized a marvellous wave with slow, easy take-off as well as well as long right rides. We were almost ready to jump in our rubbers when we observed two fellows trying to leave the water. The entry and exit point is an edge of 2m high, leading to a shallow 5m long reef what you have to cross. After watching this 2 British surfers getting pounded and leaving the water with two broken boards after a sickening climb while receiving constantly the shore break in the back, we decided to stay at the shore. Yes, we are scaredy-cats. All credits went to Great Britain.



Morocco is a very friendly place and the people are super helpful and seriously hospitable. Furthermore, the food is amazing and if you ever go there – eating “Taijine” is a must.


We could also feel the cultural difference since buying booze was impossible even though we got pot offered every 5 minutes. However, it was a bit weird for our perception to not see any women on the streets. Once we asked accidentally a woman for the direction to the next supermarket, we really could feel that she wasn’t comfortable at all with this situation. Moreover, travelling with a car in Morocco let you see a vast poverty, which showed us how amazingly privileged we are to be able to travel for our hobby. In conclusion, best surf trip we ever had so far. Visit Morocco, you wont regret it.



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