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There are few places in the world where perfect conditions come together for enjoying kitesurfing. Consistent winds, accommodations focused on this sport, schools for learning, delicious and affordable food, and far away from the crowds of more famous spots.

Because there is still so much world to discover, today we're going to introduce you to a relatively secret destination, which has been making strides in the right direction for years and can now be said to be one of the best spots in the world for practicing kitesurfing.

Cabo de la Vela is kitesurfing and much more, and here we're going to give you the keys to make the most of it.

Laura Sánchez

Cabo de la Vela and its history

Cabo de la Vela is a small fishing village on the Colombian Caribbean that has been gaining more and more popularity among the kitesurfing community in recent years due to its perfect conditions.

Until just over 15 years ago, this was a rural community inhabited solely by the Wayúu Community, an ethnic minority that lives between the Colombian Guajira Peninsula and northwestern Venezuela. Since then, it has been revitalized thanks to the efforts of local personalities, entrepreneurs, and a regulatory framework that has allowed for local and sustainable development, with a special emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection.

Laura Sánchez

Perfect conditions for kitesurfing

With over 300 days of constant wind each year, with speeds regularly surpassing 30-35 knots, Cabo de la Vela is an ideal location, both for learning this wonderful sport and for experienced riders.

For those diving into kitesurfing for the first time, there are several options for hiring lessons in Cabo. Additionally, due to the well-protected bay, there are virtually no waves, making learning much easier than in open seas, as is the case in other globally famous spots.

Experienced riders will have the option to rent the equipment they need, with constant winds and a kitesurfing culture increasingly ingrained among the local community and the tourists who visit every year.

Furthermore, this is a privileged spot where the common crowds found in other places do not exist. The winds are strong and persistent, gifting us with clear skies where shooting stars are constantly visible, and beautiful sunsets and sunrises are enjoyed.

Laura Sánchez
Laura Sánchez

Our experience

Imagine learning to kitesurf in paradise – all you have to do is come to La Guajira. Here, you'll have the time for rest and tranquility that you need for physical and mental recovery, along with nourishment based on local and seasonal foods, and a total connection with nature through kitesurfing and starry nights.

Simply arriving at Cabo de la Vela is an experience in itself. Traveling through desert roads in a 4x4, witnessing the sunset over the salt flats from the window, seeing the starry sky, and sleeping by the beach in a cabin or hammock all hold a special charm.

We stayed at the Tawi Kite Center & Hostel, a high-performance kitesurfing and windsurfing learning and improvement center that we recommend if you want to fully connect with the wild nature of La Guajira through sports. Tawi is a meeting point for the local, national, and international kitesurfing community. It offers accommodations tailored to the individual needs of each person, with private cabins with bathrooms, shared rooms, hammocks, or "chinchorros."

Laura Sánchez
Laura Sánchez

In addition to sports practice, you can enhance this experience by visiting the incredible places this region offers and trying traditional food. Being primarily a fishing village, we recommend tasting the seafood that the sea provides. Every morning, the fishermen bring their catch of the day to Tawi so that the Wayúu cook can prepare it in the local style. After practice, when night falls, you can also try the remaining traditional dishes or delicious homemade pizzas they prepare.

Laura Sánchez
Laura Sánchez

At Tawi, they have created the ideal space for sports practice combined with relaxation and culture. That's why most people who come for a few days end up extending their stay. Perhaps it's the magical moments of connection while kitesurfing at dusk, the people, the rhythm, the Wayúu culture, or everything combined that creates an almost perfect duality between sport and environment.

An eco-sustainable spot

In Cabo de la Vela, there are more than 60 rustic lodges that are part of a government ecotourism project that has been in place for almost 20 years. However, this habitat becomes fragile due to constant pressures from the industry. The possibility of deterioration due to indiscriminate hotel practices is a danger that looms not only over the territory but also over the Wayúu culture. Indigenous groups maintain a deep relationship with the land...

Laura Sánchez

This is one of the reasons why we chose to stay at the Tawi Kite Center. This small ecotourism accommodation is run by Jorge, a native and member of the Wayúu community, who specialized in kitesurfing. Alongside Sabrina, a Swiss-German who found her home in these remote lands, they have created a perfect space for travelers in general and kitesurfers in particular.

A space that combines the ancestral wisdom of the Wayúu people through facilities perfectly designed for the arid climate of the region, ecological infrastructure designed to extract the most from such circumstances, and local empowerment because young people from the area work here, from highly trained instructors to the people serving you behind the bar or in the kitchen... It's all about kindness and good words. Additionally, the international and relaxed atmosphere in their common areas is practically unparalleled.

All of this made for unparalleled days of rest and kitesurfing. From here, we encourage you to explore one of the most remote regions of Colombia through sports, culture, and history. You won't regret it.

Laura Sánchez