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Winning, in general, gives people a euphoric and satisfying feeling that keeps us on tune to what field and what track we won. This principle is undeniably true to horse racing. Whether you are a racehorse owner or trainer, a  casual audience bettor, or a rider, you always commit to the best and possible means to win the race.

Picking an equine athlete that has the potential to win sounds like an easy task, but this requires an intricate and staking decision-making. Though there are already various platforms, programs, newsprints, and websites that provide easy access to betting tutorials, it takes individual studying to get its system and process thoroughly.

Increasing the odds of winning in horse racing sounds exhausting, right? But if you are genuinely faithful to take the champion’s side, then excuses should have no room for you! Prove that your dedication is to win.  Read and study the following suggestions that advance the odds of horse racing in your favor!

Have Faith on Tote Boards

Handicapping or evaluating a winning horse is a difficult task most specifically to beginners. In this case, you need help and assistance from other bettors who might have the skills and ability to assess a good athlete. Hence, referring your bet to tote boards is like relying on other’s expertise in winning a race. Besides, being dependent on others will never hurt, especially if it’s beneficial.

Tote Board displays the winning odds of horses based on the amount of money that has been bet on them. Also, it shows the most favored horses in the race by bettors. Tote board, therefore, is like your natural way of handicapping, merely basing on the favorite in each race.  Besides, statistically speaking, 35% of the favorite athlete wins the race, garnering the highest odd among other means of earning. Yeah, tote board is not a bad idea!

Follow Not Only the Athlete’s Record but its Jockey and Trainer as well


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In waging to horse racing, we sometimes focus on the equine athlete, its capacity, potential, and records. As a result, we tend to disregard its rider and keep its trainer behind the race track. However, a successful runner also reflects its trainer and its jockey’s proficiency.

Keep an eye on riders who have good racing records and had won numerous competitions. Their history only proves that they are competent or not. Also, check on trainers who have produced plenty of equine champions because these are the people who condition horses to win racings. Remember, a potential champ still fails if not handled and managed correctly.

Track Down the Days From the Runner’s Previous Race

Like any wager, always gear yourself up with details about your bet before the race day. Include in your researches the previous race of your favored racehorse and count the days before it is launched to its present competition.

When you decide a bet, you don’t want to pick an athlete that is overused and overrun. This instance decreases your odds of winning. An equine athlete that is already hurled to another race before 35 days from its past run is not a good choice. This horse might still be boxed up, tired and beaten from its previous track. As a consequence, this athlete won’t be able to give its best performance, and might risks you in losing the game.

Pick Beneficial Tips From Commentators


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Horse racing commentators and broadcasters are not assigned to their jobs useless. If taken seriously, they can also help you make your best bet. These people are experts in the horse racing industry. Plus, they are paid to provide you with excellent and reasonable tips on what horses to wager on.

Thus, paying no attention to simulcast commentators can be of significant loss- for you! Horse racing broadcasters, as experts to the industry, have surely done their researches and come in the track knowledgeable and well-informed on the current trend of racing. Thus, when they evaluate the possible racing result, it is more likely taken from accurate and factual examination.

Commentators, therefore, offer free and logical handicapping on athletes for you to choose on the actual race day. How convenient!


When you pick athletes to bet on, you want them to give you the highest odds of winning- for sure! Thus, you choose, focus and study very well every corner of the race, from the type of horses to the kind of racing you enter.

Suggestions on increasing your odds of winning are already laid out for you. The next step that you are about to take is getting yourself to the actual track. Choose horse racing organizations that are well-known and trusted for their fair management like the pegasus cups. Get your bankroll ready and enjoy a higher Pegasus cup odds in your favor!


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